What if pets like to destroy furniture?

What if pets like to destroy furniture?

Many of my current friends love dogs very much. What if pets like to destroy furniture? Sometimes when you are smashing and chasing items at home, you not only stop it, but also find it fun and fun. In fact, these behaviors are unacceptable wrong behaviors for home and companion dogs.

Imagine, if you form a habit, the dog will bite the furniture at home all day, or put some things that are not the title or even the dirty things in front of you, what is your mood? Therefore, we must resolutely stop the dog’s wrong behavior.

We should pay attention to methods. For example, when a dog is found to have bad furniture, a shoe or a sock, it will beat the dog. Instead of correcting the dog’s bad behavior, it will affect the dog’s feelings with the owner.

First, what if pets like to destroy furniture? Prevent biting dog furniture;

If your dog likes to bite dog furniture and destroy the furniture, then you can use the following five methods to correct the bad habit of the dog.

  1. Put the “difficulty” in front of it, give appropriate and consistent punishment, and use a consistent punishment every time you find it, and give a “not possible” order in a severe tone to guard against it.

2, buy some special dog furniture for their play.

3, buy some taste and can swallow raw cowhide or bone for it to grind.

4, supplement vitamins to improve its “heterologous” situation.

5, take it out to go out every day, take a locomotive with a run, or run or climb a mountain, in short, it is good for your health and health! May your dog be no longer a saboteur.

Pull the dog to the leash, and bring it to the vicinity of the dog who likes to bite or lick the title. Relax the dog leash to let the dog play freely. When the dog wants to bite and pick up these items, immediately issue the “No” password. Slightly hit the dog’s mouth or slam the leash to stop it.

If the dog does not bite the item, the “good” password and the head and neck of the dog are rewarded. After repeated training a few times, the dog will gradually change this wrong behavior, no longer chaotic items.

Of course, it is not suitable for the 4~5 month old puppies to use this training method. Because the puppies must bite the items during the tooth replacement period, you can find some thick bones of the pigs or dog chews to bite the puppies. To limit it to bite other items. Furniture covers can also be purchased to protect furniture.

Second, how do pets like to destroy furniture? Correctly handle pet dog biting furniture;

With a pet cat or puppy, the family atmosphere will be much more active. However, because of the nature of pets, pets like to sneak in the house, the first thing to do is the various dog furniture at home, whether it is expensive or cheap, if they are seen, it is difficult to escape a “robbery” .

This problem is even more of a problem for the owners who have just moved into a new home. In the face of the brand new dog furniture at home, how can we bear to let them be “poorly riddled” and riddled with pets? ?

What if pets like to destroy furniture?

Destroying the scene: It is natural for dogs to bite things – this is a way for them to explore the environment. For the dog who just moved to a new home, the new environment is very new to it. At this time, if the dog stays alone, the puppies and the older dogs will become destructive.

In general, if dogs are too long to be alone, they will cry and growl, using this behavior to express their desire to be cared for. They will like to bite and grab in the most scented places in the home.

Training methods: After discovering such situations, they must be gradually induced. The specific approach should be to quietly approach the dog. When it is fully focused, clapping in its ear and saying, “Don’t bite!” This shock will stop the dog. At this point, don’t repeat the password to scold it, just need to issue a “do not move” password.

At this point, the dog’s ears will be recycled, close to the head, lowering the whole body, almost shrinking into a group, because it feels the owner is angry. At this time, the owner should not scold it again, otherwise it will be more uneasy. When the dog’s behavior of biting things has improved, it is time to be friendly and eager to praise it “walking the dog” to induce it, encourage it, and let it do what you want it to do.

What if pets like to destroy furniture? As long as you persist in the above training for a period of time, the habit of dog biting should be improved. Buy furniture covers to prevent pets from damaging furniture. In addition, if the use of the animal’s forbidden zone spray during the training process will be better; at the same time, it can give it a good quality dog ​​chew, which can help the teeth and improve the grip. In addition, the toenail is long, don’t forget to pruning the dog in time.

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