Recommended 8 high-quality pet furniture brands (dog furniture and cat furniture)

Recommended 8 high-quality pet furniture brands (dog furniture and cat furniture)

 01, Okawa Kagu – Cat Pet Furniture (owner also has the same model) At first glance, it looks simple and has a Japanese-style wooden sofa, double bed and a bedside table with a chromatic lineage, and when a cat appears in the picture, you’ll find that the furniture is a mini version that is only 1/4 in size for adults.

Okawa company will reduce the general furniture to fit the size of the cat, for the cat to create a full of Japanese small fresh home fantasy, so that the lives of the masters and our perfect integration.

Recommended 8 high-quality pet furniture brands (dog furniture and cat furniture)

02, Pidan Studio – “Snowden” cat sand basin (you say it’s a toilet, beautiful I dare not believe)

Pidan, a cat product design studio born in Paris. The Igloa Cat Sandbasin, pidan’s first product, went on sale in early 2016 and sales continued to grow, popular with cats and shovel officers. Last June, Igloan also won the German Red Dot Design Award, and in 2016, only two of the world’s top pet products were shortlisted for the design world’s Oscars, and Igloo was one of only two.

Like Fan Bingbing, Yan Ni, Han Han, Gloucester and Guapi, in their ins or microblogs, there have been shadows of pidan products…

03, IKEA-Lurvig series (this is IKEA’s first pet line) Last October, IKEA launched its first collection of pet furniture designed for cats and dogs, Lurvig.

The series of 62 products, covering the basic needs of pets, including pet mini sofas, cat kennels such as relatively large pieces of furniture, but also pet bags, cat scratching pads, slow food basins, strap tow ropes and shovels and other small accessories.

04, Meyou Paris-The Cube and The Ball and The Bed (not only to sleep, but also to grind your paws) Meyou Paris, an independent brand from Paris, focuses on designing pet furniture for cat owners and a harmonious home environment.

These beautiful cat houses are made of pure natural materials, elegant straight lines and curves of the collection of cat houses, like a large “cocoon”, a dynamic star man can freely nap inside and grinding claws.

All materials are based on comfort, and each has its own unique advantages:

The cube is easy to fold and place at will;

The ball is to play well, the cat sees the ball and plays with joy;

The bed gives the dog peace of mind while also gaining a higher view to see around.

05, M.pup-DogHouse Sofa (also gives the dog a seat on the sofa) The first dog house sofa from Mpup, a South Korean pet furniture brand, has given most dog-owners a new option to pamper them. From the front, this is a normal sofa, but its mystery is actually hidden in the side of the sofa. Under the wooden handle of the sofa is another small sofa area, which is the exclusive space for dogs and adds more intimate interaction between the owner and the pet.

The original wood with light-colored sofa cushions, both simple and warm.

06, LYCS-CATable (Working with Cats) Cat owners know that when you sit at the table to work overtime, the cat owner also loves to follow you to the edge of the table, either knock on the keyboard, or knock over the cup, you are angry, the other innocent eyes staring at you, you can not take ta how.

This “CATable Cat Table” is specifically designed for these scenarios, there are many tunnels and holes under the table, and when you work later, the cat owner will be able to walk around the side freely and play.

07, Nendo-Pet Four-Piece Set (Pet Furniture In line with Pet Aesthetics) As a representative of Japanese design, Nendo’s design always feels the charm of the design. To make pet products versatile and blend with indoor elements. This square kennel consists of two parts. The upper and lower parts are connected by a zipper, allowing the user to change different colors according to their needs. After the two parts are disassembled, the “top of the nest” can be compressed together as a bed.

Depending on the specific needs, any conversion between the nest and the bed. The pot was inspired by the flower pot. This bowl is angular and light-toned, so it doesn’t get in the way of those flowery green pots.

The bottom tick sits help the owner estimate how much the pet is fed.

08, HOUSE Series – Natural Slow (Japanese Handmade) Natural Slow’s HOME range of pet furniture, from design to production, is carried out in Japan and is made by Japanese woodworking workers by hand.

Depending on the position and size of the openings, the series is divided into KAMAKURA, HOKORA and NEGURA styles.

The first KAMAKURA, shaped like a small barn, creates a comfortable and open space.

The second kind of HOKORA, only one side of the small triangle is the entrance, the whole nest like a cave, very suitable for cats like to drill all kinds of holes, crevices of small animals.

The third is NEGURA, a pentagonal design that is bright and easy to get in and out, which is perfect for pets who like to sunbathe, and occasionally as a small side table is also a good choice.

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