Pet furniture consumer market to be tapped!

Pet furniture consumer market to be tapped!

Nowadays, people’s lives are gradually invaded by “Stars” and “Wang Xing people” and other favorites, many people have become “pet control”, are you also one of them? It has to be said that in recent years, pets in the family status gradually rising, pet costs are also a small expense, pet furniture supplies have become a new growth point of consumption.

Pet furniture consumer market to be tapped!

Pet furniture consumer market to be excavated!

According to the 2018 White Paper on China’s Pet Furniture Industry, China’s dog furniture consumption market reached 170.8 billion yuan in 2018, up 27% from 134 billion yuan in 2017. China’s urban pet (including aquatic) users reached 73.55 million, of which the majority of dogs and cats, the majority of the population, reached 56.48 million. There are three main reasons for people to keep pets, like pets, loving adoption and spiritual support.

The age of pet owners is also concentrated in the post-80s and post-90s, so it seems that pet ownership has become one of the ways in which modern young people can alleviate “urban autism”. In addition, according to reports, pet food consumption, dog furniture supplies consumption and pet medical consumption are driving the development of the pet economy.

Among them, consumer demand for pet furniture supplies has also become a new opportunity in the home industry, is filling the gap in the pet furniture industry.

Pet furniture consumer market to be tapped – IKEA launches pet furniture series In October 2017, IKEA Home, the world’s largest furniture and homewares merchant, launched its first pet furniture line, LURVIG, which includes pet cat and pet dog supplies.

The series has previously been sold in the United States, Canada, France, Japan, Portugal, 5 countries, February 1, 2019, IKEA Beijing West West Store, Four Yuanqiao stores and other stores also began to sell pet furniture products, the series Chinese named “LeVigue”, the category covers pet sleeping mats, bed, traction rope and so on.

Turn the locker into a cat’s home, the box-shaped cat’s nest is soft and safe, and can be perfectly embedded in the cabinet, which saves ground space and also gives pets a sense of security.

The “single-family” cat house with legs can be used as bedside table pet furniture, allowing pet cats to sleep on your pillow, and cat grabs the wall to help you grind your paws before you go out.

This comfortable pet furniture bed has three different “open ways” to create a warm cat house with a small door, or a soft bed with a bed with a border, and a semi-enclosed comfort cushion, which is also a multi-functional nest for pets.

A soft and comfortable sofa on the bedroom bed, so that your pet and you sleep in the same room, exquisite small sofa is not only an indoor view, but also the sofa unfoldcan can become a spacious bed, easy for the pet to create more sleep space, so that pets can freely stretch the body.

Pets also have novel and unique toys, play tunnels can allow pet cats to do hiding and hunting games, the small balls in the tunnel can stimulate the cat’s curiosity and instinct, after the game, can also be flat tunnel, saving space.

There are many pet household items for cats and dogs, including blankets, brushes, pots, tow ropes, etc., and a full-family home makes keeping pets more troublesome.

In addition to the pet furniture collection, there are many great designs. LYCS Architecture is an international new design firm founded in 2010.

The cat table series designed by the founder is clever. Cat Table 1.0 is both a practical table and a cat’s paradise. Cats are sticky pets, such a design can create a place for people and cats to interact with, pet cats are also happy in such an environment.

Pet furniture consumer market to be tapped!

At the same time, the design of the table in the space, you can also add a sense of art. Cat Table 2.0 is no longer a traditional table, but a combination of wooden cubes “kitten tables”. Each has a different form for the cat to play with, and the rest of the space can be used to place books, display collections and so on.

It’s fun to combine these cubes into stools, coffee tables, low cabinets, or bookshelves in a “building block” way.

Meyou Paris, an independent design brand from Paris, is dedicated to creating pet furniture for the novelty and design-inspired cat collection, with a unique and minimalist product look.

The brand has a different range, The Ball’s design concept is based on balance, and The Cube wants to show geometric beauty through a combination of square and round, The Bed is like a small hole, And The Nest is a delicate and comfortable tatami, each series is irresistible to pet cats.

Seungji Mun, a South Korean designer, designed sofas for pet furniture brand m.pup. This double sofa base is partly made of birch wood and is lined with thick fabric.

On the right side of the sofa there is an asymmetrical little space as a pet house.

This cat tunnel sofa is also the work of Korean designer Seungji Mun, which strikes a balance between human space and pet space, emphasizing the sharing and interaction between pets and owners, and the ability to play hide-and-seek with pet cats. It seems that if you want to be a professional “shovel officer”, you have to empty your wallet. However, in the pursuit of fashion design pet furniture supplies, should also be rational.
How the future development of pet furniture, although the pet furniture consumer market to be excavated, but still need to wait and see.More information Follow Pet News Center to bring you more interested in.

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