Pet furniture brand – a furniture brand that is loved by consumers

Pet furniture brand - a furniture brand that is loved by consumers

In recent years, with the growth of pet families and the increase in the number of pets, more and more pet furniture brands have chosen to serve pets.

Designed specifically for your own dog, even IKEA launched “LURVIG” last year.

Pet furniture brand - a furniture brand that is loved by consumers

In a limited living space, how to make pets live in harmony with people, all dog furniture brands are writing their own answers.

The dog furniture and furniture brand from Hong Kong also chose the furniture of the people, and launched the “master and me” series designed for cat slaves and cats.

Furniture is the bridge between the owner and the cat, so the team hopes to design some furniture to increase the interaction between the two, and combine the functionality of the “master” and “I”, and create a reasonable use space for both.

Recently, “Pet Furniture Industry White Paper” dialogue “Don’t do” design director Ed Ze Wong (Edmond Wong), listen to him and the team’s design philosophy, and how to use pet furniture to create a pet-interactive living space.

1,Pursuing a new brand of dog furniture that is harmonious with people’s pets

In 2017, four young people from Hong Kong, Edmond, Eric, Fion and Judy, established a dog furniture brand. This team with a background in architecture and design aims to give pet furniture that is slow to develop.
The industry has brought new shocks.

The “shock” reflects the team’s insight into the current state of life: the pace of life is getting faster and faster, the living space is getting smaller and smaller, and consumers are paying more and more attention to their mind and body health.

Through research on people’s living habits and hobbies, the brand integrates health, green and human pets into product design, slowing down the fast-paced life.

After the launch of the “Fit-niture” furniture series, Edmond and the team turned their attention to the group of pet owners, continuing the brand concept and designing pet furniture for people with special methods and interests.

When choosing the pet furniture category, the cat is preferred because the dog will take the initiative to accompany the owner. On the contrary, the cat likes to be alone, is relatively “cold”, and spends 90% of the time living indoors. Entertain yourself.

Pet furniture is the item that it uses every day, and it is also the bridge between the owner and the cat, so the team hopes to design some furniture to increase the interaction between the cat and the owner.

2, taking into account the needs of people, the first seven items;

People’s pet furniture was named “Master and Me” series, and it took about 4 months from idea to birth.

Before the design, the team conducted a detailed study on the behavior of the cat. For example, the cat likes to jump and hide, the cat’s bowl and the water bowl are ideally 6 to 8 cm in height to facilitate the cat to swallow and the cat’s smell to the person. Very interested and so on.

On this basis, “Master and Me” launched 7 single-piece furniture (27 SKUs), including bookshelves, benches, floor lamps, coffee tables and so on.

Thanks to the architect background of the team members, the “Master and Me” series does not simply look at the design itself, but also pays more attention to whether it is coordinated with the indoor space, and also considers all aspects more thoughtfully.

For example, combining the functionality of “master” with “I” can create a reasonable use space for both:

The team first picks out which two functions to combine, and at the same time, it doesn’t make people feel far-fetched when they are put together, but it is elegant, beautiful, and promotes pet interaction. Often two common functions, the team needs to go through numerous trials and scrutiny.

Take the “one hanging and one climbing” hanger as an example. The pure white trunk links the original wooden hooks and the wide leaf-shaped platform, which combines the functions of hanging clothes and cats to make the owner easy to hang clothes. Cats can also explore freely on platforms and trunks.

At the same time, in selecting materials, the team should take care of the comfort, touch and beauty of the person at the same time, and also take into account the behavior of the cat and choose anti-fouling and scratch-resistant materials.

3,An offline concept store will be opened.

Pet furniture brand - a furniture brand that is loved by consumers

In April of this year, the “Master and Me” series of pet furniture went to Milan to participate in the exhibition. Before that, the “do not work” team was a bit embarrassing: they could not test the interaction between cats and furniture and furniture when there was no finished product. The degree of love. However, after the sample was unveiled in Milan, it was unexpectedly acquired by many cat owners.

In particular, the “one deposit and one possession” bookshelf and the “look and see” table are the most recognized designs by consumers after several exhibitions. According to Edmond, the design director, these two products have the most “personal interaction” – the bookshelf is a static piece of furniture, while the cat gives the bookshelf vitality and adds reading pleasure; underneath the table is the place where the cat rests, and the desktop hole allows The owner and the cat play the game of “going the hamster”.

At present, the “master and me” are mainly sold in the WeChat public number and the Zanzi Mall, and the price is within the range that most pet owners in China can afford. But Edmond also stressed that the new brand is usually produced in small batches at the beginning, while solid wood furniture involves a lot of hand-made, which will be reflected in the price; of course, as the sales volume increases, the price will gradually decrease.

In addition to online channels, the team also places great emphasis on the experience and interaction of offline channels and field scenarios. In the future, “the first one will open the first physical concept store in Beijing, and then develop 10 stores in the first-tier cities. At the same time, we will identify professional agents in Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland, and deepen with pet stores and medical institutions. Cooperation.

On the product, “do not do it” will develop more home-made products, such as beds and wardrobes, and perfect the entire series of “master and cat” to provide diversified choices. In the end, the brand hopes to provide a kind of dog furniture home furnishing in pet furniture that takes into account the pet and human needs and pursues the harmony of people.

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