Dogs tear the furniture and expose the truth about cheap furniture!

Dogs tear the furniture and expose the truth about cheap furniture!

Recently, this dogs tear the furniture and expose the truth about cheap furniture! Look at the picture, everyone thinks this guy is naughty, in fact, it saved the owner! Inside the sofa are black hearts and sponge residue glued together, are poisonous things! Prolonged use is prone to illness.

This picture is also a wake-up call for those who only look at the price and do not see the quality! Due to the low barriers to furniture, inferior products in the market abound. The “cottage” goods are rough in work, the quality is not up to standard, and may even lead to the risk of personal safety.

Dogs tear the furniture and expose the truth about cheap furniture!

These fake furniture, all of which are known as “brand-name products”, come from black workshops, or purchase a batch of furniture from the used market or second-hand furniture market. After rough processing and renovation into new furniture, they have entered thousands of households.

1, look at the shocking “noisy” furniture processing plant!

These inferior furniture are mostly inaccurate documents, simplistic equipment, scent, and even a fire extinguisher is difficult to trace. In order to save costs, the various means used are amazing.

However, their products can be exported to domestic cities and township markets at all levels, and become furniture products for many consumers who do not know the truth.

Entering one of the factories, the smell of formaldehyde immediately stunned. There are a variety of furniture products in the workshop of less than 400 square meters, which are large and small overlapping.

Nine workers wore masks and sat on the ground, some were painting furniture, others were cutting wood, and workers were less than 1 meter apart, flying wood chips covered their faces.

“What are you spraying? You are not uncomfortable with such a big taste?” Hearing a reporter’s question, a worker buried his head and brushed the furniture: “It’s good to paint it.” He placed a white plastic bucket next to him. It is filled with red sticky material.

In this less than 400 square meters of factory buildings, the surrounding environment is harsh, the furniture of the finished products, small parts, paints, etc. are everywhere, piled up messy, all kinds of discarded materials, industrial waste piled up like a hill.

Moreover, there is no professional equipment in the factory. Only the simple tools that the workers make casually, the smell is filled with the whole factory, which makes people feel sick and sick. When they work for one day, the workers are gray-faced, their hands are black, their eyes are red, and the whole body is very Dirty, even their usual food and shelter are in this small factory.

Rough work, cracks in solid wood furniture, easy peeling of leather sofas, unstable structure, and peeling off of paint… This is a problem that most families may encounter in their daily lives.

In order to reduce the production cost, these miscellaneous brands and small workshops will cut corners and shoddy goods. After consumers save money to purchase such products, once the problem occurs, not only the loss of money, but also the safety of your whole family.

I often see such news. I am eager to buy more than 2,000 pieces of furniture with excessive methanol. A well-known wooden bed of 1000 pieces is cracked, and 1500 pieces of sofa are sunk… Dogs tear the furniture and expose the truth about cheap furniture!

Many economic consumers believe that buying furniture products, there is no need to buy too good and too expensive, the appearance is similar, work does not matter, you can use it when you buy it. I don’t know how dangerous it is to use a cheap brand name that you feel is appropriate.

According to the survey data of the Indoor Environment Committee of the China Science and Technology Association:

Dogs tear the furniture and expose the truth about cheap furniture!

70% of human illnesses are related to the indoor environment;

In China, 120,000 people die every year from indoor pollution;

More than 90% of children with leukemia have been renovated in the middle of the year!

Excessive standards for fake and shoddy furniture lead to leukemia; counterfeit inferior solid wood furniture causes injury, massive bleeding; inferior mattresses fail to cause skin disease; fake and inferior sofa frame is not strong, sponge rebound is poor, causing the old man to flash waist…

Countless cases are all the evils of cheap and inferior miscellaneous goods. Only when you suffer from losses can you understand. Focusing only on the price, cheap is the last word, and it is difficult to defend the rights. No one makes sense. Dogs tear the furniture and expose the truth about cheap furniture!

Therefore, consumers are advised not to be tempted to buy furniture products, but for a penny, it is a constant reason!

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